Luxe Fiber Designs

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Process: From Our Door to Yours

When your fiber arrives:

1.  Check In: 

  • Receive an email confirmation of arrival
  • Luxe Fiber tracking number will be assigned to your fiber. Your order status will be updated as it moves through the mill. (Track your fiber  here.)
  • Weigh your incoming fiber


2Skirting and/or tumbling of fiber (if needed or requested)

  • Remember, garbage in garbage out. Please thoughtfully assess the quality of your fleece before you send it for processing.  This is to protect our equipment and for you to have a quality finished products.


3.  Wash/Dry Fiber

  •  Fiber is washed with 1 wash and 2 rinse cycles, using our built in recycling water system.  If fleece needs to be washed more than once there will be an     additional charge.


  •  Fiber is then put out on the drying racks until completely dry.


4.  Dyeing (if requested)

  •  Luxe Fiber uses Greener Shades Dye.  There are 9 colors available.


5.  Picking

  • Clean fibers are put through our picker to remove any tangles and open up fibers for the next step of processing.
  • If you would like blending of fibers or colors, this is the perfect step to ensure an evenly blended result.
  • After the fiber is run through the picker they are thrown into a collection room where conditioning oils are applied before carding.


6.  Carding

  •  The carder aligns all fibers into a continuous web.  This web can be turned into batts, clouds, or roving.


7.  Rug Yarn/Cored Yarn Maker

  •  This machine is used to create rug yarn or cored novelty yarn.  (A cored yarn  is any type of fiber wrapped around a core, such as jute, wool, or sisal.
  •  The Rug Yarn Maker has the ability to create something fabulous out of lower grade fibers such as leg or neck hair.


8.  Packaging and Shipping

  •  Once your fiber has been processed it will be wrapped up in our signature packaging.
  •  Luxe Fiber will ship via USPS unless otherwise requested.
  •  You will be issued a USPS tracking number via email so you can track its route and estimated arrival time.


9.  Enjoy your finished product by Luxe Fiber Designs! We look forward to processing your next shearing!