Luxe Fiber Designs

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 What is the best grade of fiber for rug yarn?

Grade 5  (29-32 micron) ex: belly and leg fiber

Grade 6 (32.1-35 micron)


How many yards of rug yarn is on a roll?

125 yards(Please ask if you need other sizes.)


How much does a roll of rug yarn weigh?

Approximately 2.5 pounds


Can I dye my fiber before I send it?

Yes, you can.  Only if your fiber arrives clean and ready to be processed.


What types of fiber can you blend into my yarn?

Angelina, Bamboo, Silk, Ribbon, Firefox, and Tencel.  Please ask for other blending options.


Will I get my own fiber back?

Yes.  We wash, pick, and card each batch separately.  We won't blend your bags of fiber unless instructed.


What is the most cost effective way to ship my fiber?

We recommend removing air from your fiber bags  since shipping rates are based on weight.


What shipping method do you use?

We use USPS because it is the most economical.  Other methods can be used upon request.